New…. Dyslexia Guidance for Managers and Employers

A new book published by the British Dyslexia Association  aims to shed light on this ‘learning difference’ and helps managers & employers on their road to supporting dyslexic employees.  As dyslexia affects between 10 and 15% of the population every workplace will doubtless have dyslexic employees.

Dyslexia does not discriminate.  It affects people of all ‘abilities’ – and there are countless literate dyslexics across all professions;  lawyers, teachers, engineers, police, nurses …….this learning difference is everywhere.

In my experience very few employers understand the  obligations placed on them by the Disability Discrimination Act (now replaced by the Equality Act) and that aside I think most people would agree – getting the best out of all employees makes good business sense.

This latest publication on the subject is commended by Dr Sylvia Moody a professional much respected in this field and I believe is a ‘must read’ for managers.

Janette Beetham – Workplace Dyslexia Consultant,  Senior Workplace Associate -BDA

A Dyslexia Guide for Managers and Employers

Dyslexia in the Workplace – Margaret Malpas

In this book on dyslexia in the workplace Margaret Malpas and her collaborators have successfully condensed the large amount of information now circulating on this subject into a succinct yet comprehensive book. It is written in a clear non-jargony style and is therefore an accessible read for both employers and dyslexic workers.  
(Dr Sylvia Moody 2012)
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