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Welcome. This blog has been started to give much needed signposting and guidance to businesses in relation to dyslexia and specific learning difficulties. We aim to give clear messages in relation to ‘reasonable adjustments’, how to get the best out of your workforce and employer’s obligations under the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act).

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  1. I look foward to hearing more from your blog as this type of information would be of real benefit to my clients in the manufacturing sector and NHS.

    I would advocate the use of visual management to support staff with specific learning disabilities such as Dyslexia

    I understand that around 10% of any workforce has some form of learning disability such as Dyslexia. Furthermore it is likely that only 2 or 3% of these people are aware.
    Lean, 5S, Visual management and Visual works instructions are all excellent for communicating operational information and instructions to this section of your workforce. Not only, presenting information in this way will help you meet your obligations under the DDA (disability discrimination act)

    Good luck wioth this blog



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