One in Ten

Better get this Blog thing started I guess.

Yes, I know I’ve taken my time.

Have you ever had a tune go round and round in your head and then question what the words are and what sparked it off for you?

I’ve been working like a Trojan today. Doing reports (my least favourite pastime) and UB40s ‘One in Ten’ has been just there all day.   Just couldn’t shake it off:

I am the one in ten
A number on a list
I am the one in ten
Even though I don`t exist
Nobody Knows me
But I`m always there
A statistical reminder
Of a world that doesn`t care

I don’t think I heard this on the radio this morning and I think it is just the first line that GOT me.  It’s been going over and over.

Writing reports for my coaching clients was obviously the cue. (Currently I am coaching 3 people in various workplaces (as I do); a community nurse, an environmental health officer and a health & safety manager. All of these people are dyslexic and guess what……..these people ARE the One in Ten!

Research has shown that 10% of the population are dyslexic and as the song says these people are a statistic but as yet few people are recognising the needs of these people.

So UB40 may have been talking about the unemployed in the UK back in 1981 when it was released – but this song (one of my real favourites) is just so fitting for us dyslexics.

Thank you UB40. I think there is mileage in this one 🙂

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1 Response to One in Ten

  1. Mark says:

    Great observation J, yes UB40 were one of my favourite bands in the 80’s (showing our age now)

    this would be a really good bit of music to use at the start of any presentation / talk about Dyslexia…ask the audinexce – does anyone get it?

    I may be wrong, but would like to think that most people are more caring obout people with learning dificulites such as Dyslexia, than the government were about unpemloyment back in the those days.

    good to see you have started your blog – well done.


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