Think dyslexia

Finding it hard to ‘get to grips’ with work following changes in  job role or changes in leadership style – think dyslexia!  It’s not just about reading and writing challenges.  Dyslexic people cope best with routine and what they know – and cope less well with change and ambiguity.  

Due to challenges with short term memory and working memory dyslexic individuals can have real challenges adapting to change.  If  the ‘new’ is not relayed to them in a way they can grasp easily and then retain they will really struggle to master new tasks. 

Dyslexia is caused by a combination of challenges and these are made worse by the individual not fully understanding how dyslexia is really affecting them.  If you think you are dyslexic – or you think a member of staff is struggling due to dyslexia why not find out a bit more.

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