Jamie Oliver – proud dyslexic and successful author

Jamie Oliver successful chef and TV Personality has sold more than £100 million pounds worth of cookbooks.  For those who might still think dyslexia is about low IQ and low achievement this is yet another success story……….. So perhaps you might like to reconsider.

Cookbooks - a serious business

In Jonathan Wynne-Jones’ article in the Telegraph, 25 December, Jamie is quoted as saying “My dyslexia’s a weird one, sometimes I have really good days at reading, sometimes I read like a five year old.

“It’s weird because my daughter, Poppy, reads a book a day and she’s eight. A book a day, I’m talking a book half an inch thick. And the terrible thing is, I’ve never read a book in my life ever.”

 He branded one of his Twitter followers an ‘idiot’ after they criticised his spelling, but he says he see his dyslexia as “a total bonus”.

“The people who I admire and love who get me going, Richard Branson, Paul Smith, they’re all dyslexic.”

Sales of the celebrity chef’s cookbooks have raised more than £100 million, with his most recent Jamie’s 30-Minute Meals, selling almost 80,000.

Dyslexic individuals need the right type of support – and it’s not just about help with reading and writing!  Also, not all dyslexic people will have the same challenges – however many will need coaching support and help with self awareness.  Once they know what the weaknesses are and they are encouraged to find their strengths ……….some amazing results can be achieved.

Well done to Jamie.  (Yes, I am a big fan – and dyslexic).

Full article


Feel free to share your dyslexia success stories…..

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