Dyslexia is alternative brain wiring – just that !!

Neuroscientists have found that dyslexics have different brain circuitry from those of “neurotypical” people. . They process information and ideas on the right side of the brain, which deals with images, spatial relationships and patterns, rather than the left side, which handles the logical and sequential sounds and symbols of language. (New Hampshire Union Leader, 21st April 2013).


Dyslexics - 'different wiring'

Dyslexics – ‘different wiring’

The alternative brain wiring has no effect on intelligence, coordination, or other abilities, but it does cause difficulties with reading.

However, there are also  countless literate dyslexic individuals in the workplace who can read perfectly OK but will be experiencing challenges associated with their dyslexia…..and not be aware of it.
If workplace performance problems include managing workload, difficulties completing work on time and working to deadlines, problems with organisation, managing meetings etc.  this could be due to dyslexia !!

And, according to experts, 15 to 20 percent of the population has dyslexic tendencies ranging from mild to severe.

If you need more information…….You know where I am  🙂


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