7 Life Challenges and The ‘Dyslexia Connection’

Struggling with tasks? Feeling you're not achieving your potential?

Struggling with tasks? Feeling you’re not achieving your potential?

Every day countless individuals struggle with seemingly simple day to day activities & tasks not realizing these could be connected with dyslexia and/or the other associated ‘processing differences’. These include things such as:

  • Following a recipe.
  • Riding a bicycle.
  • Following conversations – especially in group discussions.
  • Packing efficiently for holidays or business trips.
  • Dinghy sailing.
  • ‘Leisure shopping’–especially in busy/noisy environments.
  • Understanding cricket scores.

These are just a few of the day to day activities individuals may experience challenges with and as you can see these are not necessarily associated with difficulties with literacy or numeracy.  The underlying challenges of dyslexia (and associated difficulties) are hidden yet they impact on day to day living in so many different ways.

Many of the individuals I am referring to are often referred to as ‘literate dyslexics’ as their early year’s literacy and numeracy learning may have been well tailored to suit their individual needs and reading & writing is therefore less of a problem for them.  However the underlying characteristics of their unique ‘processing differences’ are still present and whilst many will be coping OK at work etc ….others will be ‘treading water’ in their job roles and not reaching their full potential.

Lack of self awareness means that whilst many dyslexic individuals may have developed coping strategies to help themselves ‘get by’– and many will be in very senior positions in the workplace, there are also innumerable others who are unaware that their day to day challenges are associated with their ‘Specific Learning Differences’.

I will be looking at each one of the above ‘life challenges’ in more detail in future posts and exploring how these can be associated with processing differences such as; dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia and ADD & ADHD.  However, if you would like to find out more specific information please do contact me via our main contact page on www.right-resources.org.uk

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