Can my friend be tested for dyslexia?

Dyslexia in Business

Think you could be dyslexic?

Anyone can have a dyslexia screening or a diagnostic assessment but there is a cost involved.   A screening is very simple to do and can be done via online access in your own home however  a diagnostic assessment is a more indepth assessment and, depending on who does this and where they are located, the cost of this can range from £350 – £800.00.

The usual first step would be to have a screening.  A screening considers the likelihood of the individual being dyslexic and the result will usually be worded like this; ‘moderate risk of dyslexia’, ‘highly at risk’ etc..  Depending on the result the individual can then decide on their ‘next steps’.

If the person is in employment their employer may suggest they undertake a full diagnostic assessment and pay for this too but increasing numbers of  employers  go straight to suggesting  a Workplace Needs Assessment.  This  type of assessment takes place in the workplace and looks at the challenges the individual faces on a day to day basis in their work.  The resulting WNA Report usually makes recommendations for ‘reasonable adjustments’ which are often very straightforward changes and can include coping strategy coaching and assistive software to help them cope more effectively with their work tasks.  (This makes good business sense because it can help improve productivity and once the individual starts to feel more ‘in control’ of their work tasks this helps to reduce the potential for work related stress).

It has to be said ….it really depends on what your friend hopes to achieve by having a ‘test’.   Some people ‘just want to know’ whereas others are not after a ‘label’ at all – what they want is practical help.

If your friend wants to have a screening he can visit the British Dyslexia Association website and buy a single access to an online screener.  This can be worked through in private at home and your friend can share the results if and when they want to.    (Cost £48.00 + VAT).

If you would like to know more about Workplace Needs Assessments or coping strategy coaching please do contact me.


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