About Dyslexia

Dyslexia is often misunderstood – especially in the workplace and many people still think it is just about reading and writing difficulties.  It is important to note that although dyslexic individuals do usually have challenges with some aspects of literacy or numeracy there are other factors – and these factors are usually the root cause of their dyslexia.

Don’t be scared……diversity in the workforce can be a really good thing.

Research has shown that many dyslexic people often have low self esteem and are unlikely to want to discuss their dyslexia with managers or their colleagues for fear of prejudice.  If they’ve had bad experiences whilst in education or in their social interactions they may be reluctant engage in certain activities and be resistant to entering into further study or applying for promotion for fear of exposing their dyslexia.

This blog is set up to raise awareness of dyslexia and associated specific learning difficulties and the challenges facing these individuals – particularly in the workplace.  It also aims to raise awareness of the key strengths associated with being dyslexic such as having good problem solving skills, being creative and having lateral thinking skills.  All qualities highly prized in business today.

If you have questions related to dyslexia or dyscalculia (difficulty with number) please do make contact.  Your questions will prompt articles to appear on this blog.  Equally important: If you as a dyslexic person, or someone you know who is dyslexic,  is using the key strengths of creativity, problem solving and innovative thinking to benefit themselves and their place of work – please add a comment to this post.


2 Responses to About Dyslexia

  1. John Simpson says:

    On my way to a job interview today, I was thinking ‘okay so I received an interview using the guaranteed scheme because I’m dyslexic’

    I began to think I’ve got an Interview because I met the minimum criteria? And what the employer would be thinking about me.

    So my question is….before entering an Interview, the Interviewer already knows I’m dyslexic. How do I show this as a strength and how do I sell being a dyslexic to a potential employer?


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