Awareness Training

Dyslexia & Specific Learning Difficulties Training

Helping you put the pieces together ……. for a fuller picture on learning difference in the workplace


  • Do you know your legal obligations in respect of dyslexia in the workplace?
  • Are you delivering your corporate messages in a truly ‘accessible’  way which   encourages customer ‘buy-in’  – and gets the best out of your staff team?
  • Is your workplace  maximizing productivity by using ‘accessible’ easy to follow processes?

We provide bespoke workshops for organisations who are serious about maximising potential & improving performance – whilst at the same time ensuring they comply with the new Equality Act (2010) in respect of dyslexia in the workplace.

Working with all sectors – (We can provide testimonials and feedback on request).

Dyslexia Friendly = People Friendly

Bespoke training for organisations,  teams and individuals.  Your questions answered  – delivered in your workplace and tailored to your specific business needs.

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