Workplace Coaching

Hints, Tips and Strategies for Dyslexic Adults in the Workplace

Helping dyslexic people develop personal ‘toolkits’ for day to day tasks.

One to One Coping Strategies Coaching for Dyslexic Individuals. 

Are you working to your full ability or do you feel you have more to give?

One to one coaching is helping dyslexic people realize their potential , improve their performance and boost their confidence

Example of client feedback from one to one sessions:

  • ‘These sessions have really helped me to understand my key strengths and the fact that I can be so much more and give so much more’. (C London)
  • ‘Very useful – and it is so nice to be listened to!’  (L Kent)
  • ‘******* listened to my concerns, understood my needs and helped me develop coping strategies’. ‘ I have developed and now feel confident in my area of work’.  (Y Bedfordshire)
  • ‘Thorough, supportive, great at identifying possible processes/solutions.  Creative and encouraging’. (J  Surrey)

All these individuals are in positions middle management and above and have all studied to degree level and more.

If you would like to find out more about one to one coaching do get in touch.  Enquiries

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