Dyslexia is alternative brain wiring – just that !!

Neuroscientists have found that dyslexics have different brain circuitry from those of “neurotypical” people. . They process information and ideas on the right side of the brain, which deals with images, spatial relationships and patterns, rather than the left side, which handles the logical and sequential sounds and symbols of language. (New Hampshire Union Leader, 21st April 2013).


Dyslexics - 'different wiring'

Dyslexics – ‘different wiring’

The alternative brain wiring has no effect on intelligence, coordination, or other abilities, but it does cause difficulties with reading.

However, there are also  countless literate dyslexic individuals in the workplace who can read perfectly OK but will be experiencing challenges associated with their dyslexia…..and not be aware of it.
If workplace performance problems include managing workload, difficulties completing work on time and working to deadlines, problems with organisation, managing meetings etc.  this could be due to dyslexia !!

And, according to experts, 15 to 20 percent of the population has dyslexic tendencies ranging from mild to severe.

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Employee Performance Problems …… a headache you can’t seem to shift?

Employee performance problems can be such a headache.  If you’ve tried all sorts and  things don’t seem to be improving it can be difficult to know where to turn to for help.

Dyslexia in Business

Employee Performance Problems………

If the issues seem to revolve around time management,  organisation skills, prioritization of workload …… you might want to consider passing on your ‘headache’ to see if Specialist Strategy Coaching can help.

Workplace Strategy Coaching supports the individual to develop tools and techniques to  increase their productivity, improve organisational skills and to generally help  people feel more ‘in control’ of their workload – thus having the knock-on effect of reducing anxiety and stress.  This type of training has its foundations in coaching people with dyslexia (and other Specific Learning Difficulties) in the workplace and is proven to be highly successful.


The added benefit gained from engaging a Dyslexia Workplace Specialist is that they truly understand the needs of business as well as the challenges faced by the individual.   Also, being pro-active in this way demonstrates that the organisation is aware of dyslexia (and considers its obligations under the Equality Act 2010 in respect of this).  Should it later transpire that this individual is actually one of the 10 – 15% of the population affected by dyslexia – (and there are countless numbers of ‘literate dyslexics’ working in every type of profession)………    Hey presto !!

‘pro-active intervention’.

(Sorry I didn’t mean to shout…..I forgot about the headache).

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Access to Work Guidance for Employers

A new Access to Work fact sheet to help employers provide support and  reasonable adjustments for disabled employees.

Dyslexia is covered under the Equality Act 2010.



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