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7 Life Challenges and The ‘Dyslexia Connection’

Every day countless individuals struggle with seemingly simple day to day activities & tasks not realizing these could be connected with dyslexia and/or the other associated ‘processing differences’. These include things such as: Following a recipe. Riding a bicycle. Following … Continue reading

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Dyslexia Guidance for Managers and Employers

This book published by the British Dyslexia Association aims to shed light on this ‘learning difference’ and helps managers & HR professionals on their road to supporting dyslexic employees.  (As dyslexia affects between 10 and 15% of the population every workplace will … Continue reading

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Dyslexia is alternative brain wiring – just that !!

Neuroscientists have found that dyslexics have different brain circuitry from those of “neurotypical” people. . They process information and ideas on the right side of the brain, which deals with images, spatial relationships and patterns, rather than the left side, which … Continue reading

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